The Letdown Reflex
January 30 – March 12, 2016 | EFA Project Space
Curated by Amber Berson and Juliana Driever

Currently, attempts at defunding crucial organizations and programs supporting women’s sexual and reproductive health care are led by political figures pandering to extreme Christian elements in the United States. Ironically, these very elements also profess to the glories of childrearing. In practice, “to raise”, to “build up”, to “take care”, is not circumscribed to “motherhood” or the heterosexual family as they have it. Yet, alongside the fragmenting of support structures, it is women who continue to bear the brunt of caregiving.

Do arts organizations support caregiving? 
The work in this exhibition addresses, among other ideas, access and representation of the invisible artist-caregiver.  Our installation for The Letdown Reflex, includes ‘Award Letters’ Home Affairs has presented to art institutions who have made significant strides to support artists-caregivers. The number of letters, two, speaks for itself. 

Also part of the exhibition is our ongoing poster series project. This photography-print project documents cultural producers who are also caregivers. Again, the number of artists included, belies the image of the childless, bohemian artist. Home Affairs, photographs and prints each image in the series and is currently working on publishing a book.


Project  G O L E B
August 2016

“Home Affairs” is invited to participate in the international artists-led space Project Goleb in the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands.